How much does an ornament cost?

Every wedding cake is unique, so each ornament is priced based on the complexity and detail of your cake. They often range anywhere from $400 - $1,000. If you'd like a quote for an ornament just e-mail photos of your cake to us at

How do I send pictures?

You can e-mail us directly at Attaching a few pictures to your e-mail works great or, if you'd like, you can send us a link to a web-based photo album that contains photos of your cake.

How long does it take?

Ornament shipping is scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis. We are a very small company and can only sculpt a few per week. So as we get new orders, each customer is given a time frame when their ornament will be shipped. Our current waiting list is EXTREMELY long so it is best to plan far in advance if you're ordering for a specific event. If you e-mail us we can let you know when our next available shipping dates are!

What are the ornaments dimensions?

It varies slightly based on each cake but generally an ornament will stand at approximately 4 inches tall. They are very lightweight and have both a flat bottom and a small loop on the top so that they may be either hung up or displayed on a flat surface.

Do you ship internationally?

Right now we only ship within the United States of America and Canada.

How does payment work?

All payments are processed via PayPal. Once you approve of the price quote, we'll e-mail you a PayPal invoice. We are a PayPal verified business so you can feel secure when purchasing from us!

Do you have gift cards?

No, we do not have gift cards. Because each ornament is priced individually we are not able to offer them.

What is an ornament made out of?

Each piece is hand-sculpted out of primarily polymer clay then hand painted and sealed. They are very light weight and, if handled with care, will last a lifetime!

Can you make a cupcake tower?

Due to the increased detail work of sculpting each cupcake, a cupcake tower would be very expensive to re-create. We recommend ordering an ornament of just the topper tier of cake if you had one.

Frequently Asked Questions

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